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Photography Process and Timeline:
Our commitment extends beyond capturing stunning images. We prioritize delivering results efficiently:

Half-Day Shoots $925: Completed images are delivered within 4-5 business days in any format required, ensuring a swift turnaround for your smaller-scale projects.

Full-Day Shoots $1750: Given the extensive coverage, full-day shoots are delivered within 7-10 business days. This allows us to meticulously edit and perfect a larger volume of images for your comprehensive visual narrative.

Location Fee: $225
The location fee is an integral part of our pricing structure designed to account for the unique characteristics of each property. This fee covers the following:

Scouting/Walkthrough Day: Before the actual shoot, we allocate time to visit and assess the location. This ensures a thorough understanding of the property's layout, architectural features, and lighting nuances, facilitating effective planning for the photography session.

Tailored Approach: Recognizing that each property is unique, the location fee accommodates the customized approach we take to capture its specific characteristics, whether it be size, design, or surrounding environment.

Logistical Considerations: Certain locations may necessitate additional logistical arrangements, such as permits, access permissions, or special equipment. The location fee supports these aspects, ensuring a seamless photography process.

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