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Active Property Site a.k.a Virtual Tour
Active property site for one year includes the Unbranded link for the MLS and the Branded link with the complete set of social media marketing tools and three sizes of Video. We call it the total Marketing Kit!
Social Media Posting Done for You! Great ROI !!!
Your Listing posted to all my 'realtor focused' social media accounts, Using Your Name on a tracking label. Hits and looks will show on the traffic report when anyone clicks the links. Showing the homeowner all the internet traffic that you are bringing to their home via social media posting! Great ROI! We will also update the data on the property site on ITP with MLS#, Write up & Property Demographics once MLS sheet is provided by agent. 3 FaceBook Posts(to my group and my business page & my Realtor friends list), LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and my YouTube Channel named "Imagine That Photography" as well as my Google My Business Account "Imagine That Photography Orlando" Example: /JimSellsLinkedIn or /JoanWeeksTwitter
Daytime Photography
Drone Photography
This pricing structure is based on the photographer already being at the property for a daytime photo shoot order
Walk-Thru Videos
A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth even more than that! Our Walk-Thru Video, approx. 2 minutes long, is completed using the photographers cell phone and other professional equipment that steadies the phone video camera. Your photographer will create multiple video clips that will be professionally edited together to create a video with Music added. This Video professionally created is available to you for your marketing. We add it to an active property site, plus send it to Vimeo and YouTube. Our walk-thru video is classed as a Zillow Enhanced Video Walkthrough. We will upload this to your listing on Zillow too! **We do not use the Zillow app. There will be no chance of the loss of this video if Zillow goes down like they did before. Our recording is backed up on other media. This product Must accompany an order for a daytime photography product.
Add Ons
3D Floor Plan- iGuide
Engage buyers longer with an IMMERSIVE VIEWING EXPERIENCE Be confident in FLOOR PLAN MEASUREMENTS that are 99% reliable Capture stunning outdoor spaces and VIEWS THAT SELL HOMES iGuide interactive 3D floor-plans with 360 degree views, room dimensions and photos. This immersive solution has been proven effective to engage buyers and to gain a competitive advantage over other agents.
Virtual Staging
Realistic Photos that help sell! We warm up the home by putting almost any type of furniture in the photo so that it appears as if the furniture is actually in the house. Photographer must be advised in advance which image will be used for Virtual Staging to maximize the image for the staging.

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Twilight Photography
Twilight is the soft light in the sky seen before the rising and (especially) after the setting of the sun.
Corrective Editing
Corrective Edit Examples: Simple Fill in Dead Grass, Remove objects from image like cords, clutter, clean up pool etc.
Agent Head Shot

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